Allbäck Linseed Soap

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  • Manufacturer: Allbäck Linoljeprodukter AB
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Liquid linseed soap - concentrate for washing up, cleaning and hand washing

Do you have oiled or waxed wood floors? Do you want to quickly and efficiently clean garden furniture?

We recommend Allback linseed oil based soap

  •  Clean, natural general-purpose cleaner without artificial additives,
  •  Does not contain wax - it's not creating a coating on a washed surface

Undiluted product pH: approx. 9.5.

A small amount of linseed oil contained in the preparation has not turned into soap and remains on the washed surface as additional protection.


Cleaning all kins of surfaces:

Suitable for regular wet cleaning of all waxed and oiled wooden surfaces. Also suitable for cleaning floors, tiles and countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, for personal hygiene and for washing. A 0.1-liter solution of soap per bucket of water is used to clean the floors. Not suitable for dishwashers!

Cleaning wooden doors and windows.

Wooden window frames should be washed at least twice a year with linen soap and a soft cloth. The soap softens the water and helps to remove accumulated dirt. Wooden doors should be treated in a similar way.

Removing stains from clothes.
Niewielką ilość mydła i wody wetrzyj w plamę. Pozostaw na kilkanaście minut, a następnie wypierz w pralce. W przypadku tkanin kolorowych przed zastosowaniem zrób próbę trwałości koloru w niewidocznym miejscu.

Cleaning brushes.

We recommend linseed soap especially for washing hands and brushes when painting with Allback paints or other oil-based paints. Using solvents such as gasoline or turpentine to clean brushes is dangerous to your health.


Washing old paint and rust.

Linseed soap can be used to clean carpentry fittings and other metal objects from old paint and rust. The cleaned items should be boiled in an aqueous soap solution for a few hours on low heat, and then allowed to cool. After removing objects from soap, clean them with a cloth or brush.

Getting rid of moss and mold from wood.

Linseed soap can be used to clean wooden surfaces attacked by moss and mold. The cleaned surface should be moistened with water and then have soap applied with a brush. Scrub the surface with a stiff brush until all deposits have been removed. After drying, protect the surface with linseed oil or Allback linseed paint.

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NOTE: the soap is being sold without the pump as a standard!