Grunne wood wax

Traditional soft wax for the wood

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How to make wood silky smooth?


Wax from linseed oil will make furniture, countertops, boards and other wooden objects gain a pleasant to the touch surface, protection from dirt and beautifully highlighted grain. It contains no solvents, preservatives, biocides or other artificial additives.

The product consists of linseed oil and purified beeswax. The white wax contains an additional pigment.

Natural (transparent) wax can slightly yellow light wood, so if you want not only protection but also brightening of the boards, use the wax with white pigment.

White wax is best suited to light woods such as spruce and pine. Oak and other dark species can turn grey after whitening - for them, a clear wood wax is better.



How to apply the wax?

1. Start by cleaning the surface from dust and dirt.

2. If the surface has burrs, spots, etc., sand it down with sandpaper

3. Rub a thin layer of wax polish onto the surface with a cloth. 

4. After approximately 30 minutes, polish the surface with a soft cloth and remove any excess product. 





Traditional and eco-friendly products.

tradycyjne receptury

Applying too thick a layer of wax produces a sticky surface with uneven gloss, extended drying time and high dirt absorption!

Polishing with a buffing cloth is not only a matter of aesthetics but also a way of getting rid of any excess wax.


uwaga pożar

Rags soaked in linseed oil wax should be soaked before discarding - risk of spontaneous combustion.



Milena W.
Jak pielęgnować meble kolonialne?

Jak pielęgnować meble kolonialne?

Meble te są bardzo solidne, bo wykonano je z litego drewna. Tworzone przez rzemieślników meble z palisandru, akacji indyjskiej lub mango są bardzo trwałe i eleganckie. Nic dziwnego, że mają tak wielu zwolenników także w Polsce. Jednak aby przetrwały długie lata w dobrej kondycji należy o nie prawidłowo zadbać.