Grunne stove and oven blackener

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Traditional graphite blacking for maintenance of cookers and hobs

Would you like to renovate an old kitchen with pipes, a goat cooker or a tiled cooker door in a traditional way? We have the solution!


We offer a traditional Swedish black - a paste for maintaining cookers, fireplaces, hobs, etc.

The paste is resistant to high temperatures, contains no solvents and is easy to apply.

It can be used for the maintenance of both steel and cast iron surfaces. 

It protects against rust, and after polishing it gives a beautiful shine to the blackened surfaces.



How to apply blackener?

1. Start by cleaning the surface from dust and dirt.

2. If the cooker is rusty, use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove the rust

3. Rub a thin layer of the paste with a cloth

4. Polish the paste with a cloth and remove any excess


Ingredients: Natural oils, waxes and pigments

Traditional and eco-friendly product.

tradycyjne receptury

For centuries, the pitch-black Spissvärta was one of the staple products in every Swedish household. It only disappeared from shop shelves when cast iron stove and cookers were replaced by electric and gas appliances.