Microfibre brush Embo

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  • Manufacturer: Embo
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Brushes for professionals

Innovative, high-quality Swedish microfiber brushes with ergonomic wood handles and a stainless steel cap.
Innovation in painting!
Due to the fact that microfibers are half the size of ordinary fibers, Embo brushes are extremely dense and allow for a much larger amount of paint. The softness of the fibers and the diversity of their length causes the paint to spread very well, and the surface of the painting thus obtained is very smooth. The fiber structure prevent the paint to drip from the brush.
It is easy to clean.
Perfect for use with water and oil based paints and varnishes.

Sizes of straight brushes:
25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm
Sizes of angled brushes:
50 mm, 70 mm
The curvature of the brush makes it easy to reach nooks and crannies.
Round brush:
15 mm
The round brush is profiled in a delicate point of bristles, making it ideal for painting corners of walls and furniture, narrow edges, slats, etc.